What is the Tarheel Ultra ?

A Multi-day running challenge

What it is not ?

While we do post results, and individuals compete among themselves it’s not an official sanctioned race or event. It’s an individual challenge just like if you challenged yourself to complete the Mountains to Sea Trail, or ride your bike from Raleigh to Wilmington.

If it’s not an event what is this page for ?

It’s a resource page for challenges and a registry listing individuals who have completed the challenge. The page is maintained by a registrar who records and reports complete, validated finishes of the challenge.

2014 challenge period

Begins: 8am, Saturday November 29, 2014

Ends: 8pm, Sunday December 7, 2014

The challenge defined:

1.)  It’s not an event officially or unofficially, including it is not an FA Event, it’s not an event period.

2.) Any info or maps etc. available on the TU webpage is here to assist you in coordinating your own individual effort to complete the challenge.

3.) For a challenge to be recognized it must be completed during the annual challenge period, which consists of an 8.5 day window.

4.)  A challenger must complete the course, checking in with the registrar at known locations to include the start & finish location to prove they completed the prescribed course during the challenge period. Failure to check-in at designated checkpoints will result in your attempt not being recognized or listed in the finishers registry.

5.)  A challenger will be responsible for themselves as an individual pedestrian traveling by foot over any and all roads in the public right-of-way, highway right-of-way or municipal road or sidewalk.

This means any road open to pedestrians is open to you because that's all you are, a solo pedestrian.

6.)  A challenger is completely liable for their own actions and takes full responsibility for any and all actions, accidents or incidences, injuries etc. involving you and your crew.

7.)  While traveling the prescribed challenge course you will coordinate your own aid, lodging, ferry service etc.

8.)  Our registry of challengers will only show individuals who complete the course during the published annual challenge period, which is published on January 1st annually.

9.) By asking to be listed in the registry of challengers you are accepting and acknowledging you are a solo pedestrian, coordinating and attempting the challenge on your own, that you are not taking part in an event or a race and no one is helping you coordinate it. You are doing this completely on your own.

10.) 15 Challengers will be listed in the registry for the 2014 challenge period.

Listing in the Registry

If you wish to be listed in the registry, contact the registrar